Social Media Marketing Packages & Pricing India

Social media is the best way to start building your company's reputation. These packages can help you get started. They have all the social media marketing tools you need to make a good impression on customers. With over 3 years of experience in the field, Apparatus Solutions LLC offers a range of social media packages. Select one that matches your requirements and get in touch for more information today.

Why Do Businesses Need SMO Packages?

With the constantly evolving digital transformations and internet disruptions, more and more people are coming online. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, millions of people use these social media platforms every day. In order to secure a leadership position in the competitive market and succeed online, companies need to have robust SMO packages.

Our custom social media packages are carefully designed to work for various company sizes, business goals and audiences - just get in touch and we can create something just for you. Our extensive experience means that we know how to overcome the challenges that come up at every stage of the business. We take care of content strategy, account management and audience analysis, not to mention helping you find the right social media hashtags.

With a high-quality SMO package, you can expect improved branding and an active social media presence. As well as safeguarding, these packages include features that will help take your business to the next level. For example, you could gain new audiences and attract more people by taking advantage of the promotion services which are included in this package. Our team at Apparatus Solutions LLC adheres to all social media rules and compliances to grow your social media accounts and bring more business leads.


  • 1. Complete all account information
    • a. Business Website - Without backend or spam issues.
    • b. Business ID - It is needed for creating business accounts for running ads
    • c. SMO platforms linked with Website - This helps in authenticity of the brand
  • 2. Adhere to all SMO platforms policies and community standard guidelines
    • Facebook / Instagram:
    • Twitter:
    • LinkedIn
  • 3. Images + Videos + Landing Pages Good resolutions videos and images need to be provided to us for making banners.

Back in the day, nobody would’ve thought it possible to use social media for marketing purposes. It's important for marketers to understand how voice assistants are being utilized by people at home. That way, they can create better products that will generate more user engagement.

One of the most interesting parts of digital marketing is social media. Today, many companies are using it to interact with their customers and find new ways to offer customer service.

Our over 9 years' experience in the industry makes us one of very few companies to have a team capable of delivering state-of-the-art, yet affordable Social Media Marketing Packages India. Quick to cut through the noise, our campaigns are designed with your needs in mind. Through our Social Media packages & pricing, you get:

  • Engaging audience.
  • Establish a social presence that search engines and social media searches care about.
  • Customer loyalty.

It’s no secret that today companies pay a lot of attention to what people write about them on social media. In fact, social media is becoming one of the biggest platforms for reviews, and the best way to get something noticed. However not all reviews should be considered true just because they were seen by a lot of people online. When you take care of your customers, they respond by taking care of your reputation. Social media helps us share the latest news and attract new customers. Contact us for social media services prices!


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Social Media Marketing Packages

ChannelAny 2 Channel OptimizationAny 3 Channel OptimizationAny 4 Channel Optimization
Monthly Fee$550$850$1250
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Facebook Promotion (Monthly Activities)BasicExecutiveExecutive
Twitter Promotion (Monthly Activities)BasicExecutiveExecutive
Instagram Promotion (Monthly Activities)BasicExecutiveExecutive
Linkedin Promotion (Monthly Activities)BasicExecutiveExecutive
Paid Campaigns ScopeBasicExecutiveProfessional

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