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There are a number of similarities between SEO on mobile and on desktop devices, but there are also plenty of differences. One way to keep in line with this would be to use less text on your mobile site since screen space is limited. Keeping this in mind, have a focus on how the user experiences your content when they are using their device. Enhancing your mobile website experience will not only increase your position in mobile search results, but it can also encourage more clicks, conversions and provide you with a great user experience.

Website conversion rates are an essential metric for any company to consider, but they are even more critical when considering that mobile searches account for about 60% of all searches. Google mainly rewards websites that keep people engaged with their content, because they want them to find what they are looking for. Given the options out there, we don't think it makes sense to ignore that criteria. Increased engagement and conversion rates will definitely impact your company’s bottom line, even if your mobile SEO rankings remain the same. Get in touch with us for customized mobile SEO packages and plans!

Why is Mobile SEO Required?

When using SEO mobile (or if you don’t) it’s important to make sure you’re following all the same steps as with traditional SEO. Not quite the same due to mobile-specific considerations, but mostly the same. One of the main differences between mobile and traditional SEO is how the optimization efforts are handled. For mobile searches, you should focus more on technical requirements to make sure your content is accessible to those using a mobile device; things like responsive design and site speed. When optimizing your content for the mobile web, it is important to make sure that visitors can see all of your pages clearly, that the URL looks good on a touchscreen & by making sure you are including any necessary microformats.

URL Rendering

The way a URL you type is shown when you look at it in the address bar is called URL rendering. It's an important part of any good mobile website SEO strategy. Businesses need to maintain their URL rendering rules by using sitemaps, canonical tags and internal links in order to succeed with this aspect of mobile SEO.

Page rendering

JavaScript, which is typically used to control rendering, can often have an effect on crawling and indexing. While Google says that it can crawl JavaScript and that it’s not a negative ranking factor, the programming language can certainly hamper your ability to rank in search engines.

Mobile-Focused Markup

Mobile-focused markup refers to the schemas, which means the code or reviews, addresses, recipes and product details. Keep your site relevant to mobile searches by including these elements. They'll make the chances of a person finding your page more likely, which will increase your traffic.


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